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As a Joliet landscaping company, we take our work and customer service seriously. Offering a wide range of landscaping and lawn care services, we are confident in transforming your landscape. Whether you need landscape design and installation, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, lawn care or hardscaping, we can do it all! We specialize in wowing your neighbors with the greenest lawn. Our establishment offer services in Joliet, IL as well as other surrounding cities: New Lenox, Shorwood, Tynley Park, Orland Park, Plainfield, Naperville, Lockport, Minooka, Morris, Downers Grove and more!

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Landscaping Joliet IL

Let us make your property appealing: We are a full-service landscaping & lawn care company. Our primary focuses are to bring appeal, style, and beauty to your property. Thankfully, we have successfully provided stylish, beautiful, and functional landscaping & hardscaping to numerous clients. Besides, our lawn maintenance services go above & beyond the client’s expectations.

We are a complete lawn maintenance and landscaping expert company in Joliet. At our establishment, we also simple services as well: lawn mowing, seeding, edging, sod replacement, and more! Providing all kinds of design, maintenance, and installation work to improve your lawn and outdoor living are our core services. Our team is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of landscaping & lawn maintenance services. We take pride in our extensive skills & experience and the quality of services we provide to our clientele across Joliet.

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Design & Installation


A perfect landscape is necessary for boosting your home’s curb appeal. Professional landscaping services can carry out a wide range of practices to leave your compound looking all attractive. The following are landscaping practices to expect from a lawn care company.

Bed Edging and Mulching: Perfectly designed lines play a pivotal role in enhancing curb appeal. It gives a particular area a smooth finish and a sense of clarity. Decorative Stone: Stones or gravels are some of the most beautiful accessories that we can use to decorate our outdoor space.

Sod Installation: Sod, also referred to as turf, is a part of the soil or ground with grass grown on it. There is a special installation process that should be followed to ensure everything is done perfectly. If you're looking for the best landscaping company in Joliet, IL, look no further!

Lawn Care

Taking care of the lawn is vital in ensuring it is in a perfect state all the time. This job can be done perfectly by a lawn care company. They have the much-needed expertise to ensure everything is done to perfection. There is a wide range of practices they can carry out to leave your compound looking attractive and in a perfect state. The following are top lawn care practices.

Leaf Removal: Autumn is synonymous with falling leaves. Dry leaves that fall on the turf and are not removed affect both the appearance and health of the lawn. It is important to remove the leaves for both aesthetic and ergonomic reasons. Lawn care experts will come with advanced tools like mechanical rakes, grinders, and others to blow the dry leaves.

Lawn Aeration: It is another ideal practice that will leave your lawn in the perfect state. Grass roots require water, air, and other nutrients to grow thick, strong, and deep. You should hire a lawn care service to come with the right tools for the job. Different types of lawn aerators will ensure the job is done to perfection.

Lawn Mowing: It is another ideal lawn care practice meant to trim overgrown grass in your compound. Mowing creates room for regrowth and also leaves your compound looking super attractive. 

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance: Keeping your compound in the perfect shape is essential in boosting the aesthetic appeal. It also gives room for proper regrowth. Several lawn maintenance practices should be carried out to ensure your lawn is in perfect shape. Lawn care companies have what it takes to ensure everything is done perfectly in your home.

Lawn Mowing: The lawn requires mowing once or twice a week, depending on the speed of growth. It should be cut less often (or not at all) in periods of drought and intense sun when it is advisable to keep the grass a little longer. Shrub Care: The shrubs around your home should also be taken care of in the best way possible The best care practices you should carry out on your shrubs include trimming and pruning. Pruning is an ideal practice that will help you manage the overgrown shrubs. Our lawn care and landscaping company has the right tools to trim and prune the shrubs in your home. As a lawn care company in Joliet, IL, we will complete this job to perfection.


Hardscaping: This involves different improvement practices carried out in a hard landscape. It is made up of the non-living elements in landscaping. Carrying out different hardscaping practices leaves your compound looking good.

Retaining Walls: Do you suffer from height differences in the garden or between two plots? We will help you discover more about the possibilities, applications, and prices of concrete retaining walls. Retaining walls are hard, usually concrete wall elements that can serve as ground or flood defense. 

Brick Pavers: The walkway is another essential part of your home. Different hardscaping practices can be done to give this part of your home a whole new appearance. Determining what materials to use when constructing a walkway on your property gives you a few options.

You can hire experts to assess your compound better and carry out a smooth installation. Get in touch with our Joliet landscaping and lawn care company now!

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We provide lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping services and more to our clients in Joliet IL, Manhattan IL, Flankfort, Mokena, Channahon, Minooka, Shorewood, Plattville, Plainfield, Romeoville, Lemon, Rockdale, Ingalls Park, New Lenox, Crest Hill, Fairmont, Crystal Lawns, Millsdale, Elwood, Lockpost, Homer Glen and more. Call now to get a free quote.

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